The fairy Natalia from the UK (North East) invites you to a tarot show!

The world of astrology and esotericism changed my life. He developed perceptions, awareness and subconsciousness, taught to love, forgive and not judge people, but to try to understand another person and help solve any problem - health, emotional, legal or financial.

I came into the world to love and help. My eyes are the mirror of my heart. I inherited the gift of foresight from my mother and my father's mother's grandmother. Still, my mother is the main character of my knowledge, and she introduced me to the world of cards. As a child, I listened carefully and began to understand the world, unknown and strange to some people.

My 15 years of experience in divination has led me to professionalism. Fortune telling from Tarot cards, ordinary cards, kola, uses the magic of candles, gemstones and incense sticks. I know the practices of the shamans in Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso. I help in matters of love, financial, legal and health. With the help of cards and esotericism, I solve various problems with my clients. I am eager to fortune-tellers during games such as St. Andrew's Day.

I collaborated with television and made horoscope forecasts in the press. I took part in the reality show Bar several times, where I predicted Eryk Alize's victory from the second edition and Thomas' win from the Europa Bar edition.

My clients were famous Polish celebrities. I predicted fortune-telling for people such as Doda, Jarosław Sander, Krzysztof Ibisz, Tomasz Kamel and many others.

I am here to help you. I am asking for it in person, by phone or via the Internet.

Fairy Natalia - Polish fairy in the UK (Great Britain)

Tel: 07977 740 592 (I answer questions via SMS or WhatsApp)
Skype: natalia55995

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