HWA-RANG Newcastle

Brave Hearts team from Newcastle upon Tyne ❤❤❤❤❤

Last Sunday we took part in a fantastic event organized by GMS Sutherland Martial Art. The Championships were held in the Emirates Arena in Glasgow.

HWA-RANG Newcastle was represented by 17 competitors and Coach. Amazingly organised event with friendly atmosphere that made a huge difference to the students which took part in the competition. From this point I would like to say a huge "Thank You " to Sabum Kaczmarek and Scottish crew for organising this competition.


I was a bit worried about some of my competitors that went for the first time.  Amie Jayala, amazing achievement. This was the first competition for her and her sister Eva.  Eva proved that she can be dangerous even though she looks like a princess. Rafal Dobosz just started Taekwon-do and achieved three medals in patterns,  sparings and special technics. Daniel Robinson what a fantastic sparring, he didn't give up after he received a few very strong kicks. Neve Orrick proved that in her categories she is the best. Ella Sutton joined my club a few months ago. She was working hard to put corrections in her patterns and sparring and..... gold medal in patterns. Julia Brachman defended her title again and showed who is the best in sparrings in her category. Julian was so brave, fought until the last second with a bigger opponent. Wow. For Franky Hedley it was his first competition too and again, he didn't run away,  he fought until the last second. Abigail Scott - good improvement in her patterns and huge step forward with sparring. Jonah - what fantastic sparring, amazing timing.... Future looks great. Jaden "Small Tyson" great fight with a bigger opponent.

I would like to say a special thanks to the parents. For your great support, heart, smile and food. You sacrifice your time and money to travel around the country and abroad to support our children. You are always there... the result doesn't matter!!!

Best Regards
Mariusz Biziewski, Coach

Medals in total: 32 medals
Gold - 12
Silver- 3
Bronze -17

HWA-RANG Newcastle came 2 end in total - OUT OF 34 SCHOOLS!

Marek Dziubek - gold medal sparings, bronze medal patterns
Piotr Urban - gold medal in patterns, silver sparrings, lost to VI degree after 3 droves.
Stasiu Zarzycki - lost in semi final sparrings and patterns
Jonah Plathottam - silver in sparrings, bronze in patterns, gold in special techniques, as blue bet Jonah beaten black belt in his division
Jaden Plathottam - bronze in patterns, bronze in sparings
Ella Sutton - gold medal in patterns, bronze in sparrings
Abigail Scott - gold medal in sparrings , bronze in patterns
Amie Jayala - gold medal in patterns, silver in sparrings
Eva Jayala - bronze in patterns,  lost semifinals in sparrings
Daniel Robinson - gold in sparrings,  bronze in special techniques
Neve Orrick - gold in sparrings, gold in patterns, gold in special techniques
Franky Hedley - bronze in patterns, bronze in sparrings
Julian Brachman - bronze in sparring , bronze in patterns
Julia Brachman - gold in sparrings, bronze in patterns.
Rafal Dobosz - bronze in sparrings , bronze in patterns, bronze in special techniques
Tatiana Zientara II Dan - gold in sparrings, bronze in patterns, bronze special techniques