IBB Polonia London continues winning streak

On Sunday, the IBB Polonia London team faced off against local rivals Malory Eagles. The hosts confirmed they are in top form, defeating their opponents in three sets.

IBB Polonia London started with Piero Muller and Mihail Stoev in reception, Ephraim Mills and Vaidas Audickas in the middle, Diego Tamburini as setter, Dahmane Bentiti as opposite, and Filipi Rodrigues as libero. The first set showcased the hosts' excellent serving, solid defence, and effective counter-attacks. Dahmane Bentiti and Vaidas Audickas performed exceptionally well in attack, with Mihail Stoev impressing with a superb serving series. The first set ended 25:

The second set, witnessed by the assembled fans, was the most evenly matched part of the game. Balanced plays and strong defences on both sides were notable. Libero Filipi Rodrigues earned a point with a smart play. After a fiercely contested set and some confusion due to a card given to the visiting team, Grzegorz Niski's team raised their hands in victory.

The first point of the third set, following an error by IBB Polonia London, went to Malory, but the following plays were dominated by the hosts. Early in the set, Dahmane Bentiti had to leave the court due to an injury, which fortunately wasn't serious. Captain Andrea Maggio replaced him. This brief pause didn't disrupt the hosts' rhythm, who confidently won the match 3:0.

"The match was very even. At this point, all teams are additionally motivated in matches against us. In every game, especially against a team like Malory, we need to play at a really high level," summarised Ephraim Mills, the middle blocker of the London team.

With 17 points, IBB Polonia London leads the Super League. The next match against Newcastle Staffs Men will take place on December 9th at Northolt High School. It will be the last home game before the Christmas break, and we have surprises prepared for the fans! We invite you to join us!