We invite you to pre-Christmas shopping in Birtley!

Dear customers, the best Polish Christmas products have been available in our Birtley store for two weeks now.

The offer includes a wide selection of fish that cannot be missed on the Christmas Eve table. We also have a wide selection of herring: in cream, in a jar and salted.

For Christmas, we have cold cuts from producers of the highest quality meat products. Freshly sliced ​​in front of customers' eyes! There will also be all kinds of Polish sausages.

To save you work, we offer ready-made Polish dumplings and ears on the Polish table during the holidays. You will also find a large selection of salads and salads, compote and traditional wafer.

There will be something for adults - Żubrówka, Żołądkowa Gorzka, Wiśniówka and several types of Polish beers, including Tyskie, Żywiec, Żubr, Tatra and Warka.

A perfect addition to gifts - especially for our English friends - can be typically Polish chocolates and chocolate boxes.

You're welcome! Continental Delicatessen - Polish shop in Birtley. Full promotion offer - see here... Full store info, address and opening hours - click here ...