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Yo, Dr. ED gonna hit up Newcastle upon Tyne this Saturday, no doubt!

EuroZoom UK
Date added
01 April 2023

This Saturday, April 1st, in Newcastle upon Tyne, we got da legend of Polish hip-hop - Dr. ED - throwin' it down!

Dr. ED is a Polish rapper and music producer who don't need no introduction, ya heard? Mad views on YouTube, concert halls packin' out, mad fans, and bangers like "Okup," "Faka Maka," "Paradise Lost," and "Byker Diler." Homie's all about that Gangsta Funk, mixin' up them funky vibes, hip-hop basslines, dope rhymes, and vocals.

Round up your crew and roll through to the illest show in town!

This shindig's goin' down in the heart of Byker district at the PeKaEs club, aight?
Doors pop off at 8:00 PM, so be there or be square!


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