Open Day (registration for a free English course) - what to take with you, and what are the next steps?

Below, we provide essential information on what to take with you to enrol for the Open Day and what are the next steps.

As a reminder, this is a free, government-funded course - but to be eligible, you must live in England and have resident rights. Persons from the EU MUST have Settled Status to enrol onto the course.

Required documents:
[1] Photo ID: only a passport or ID card (from any EU country) accepted
[2] Proof of address in England: any document accepted (or, e.g. a photo of it from the phone) with your UK address (but not older than three months) - for example, gas, electricity, telephone bill, bank statement, a letter from a council or other office. British driving licence is accepted for proof of address.
[3] Persons from Ukraine: Please bring either a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) and a passport stamped when you entered the UK.

Please reserve 60-90 minutes. Please do not bring children. Entry to the rooms is only for those who will register (no accompanying persons). If you need to, don't forget to bring your reading glasses.

Open Day is divided into two parts. During the first part (approx. 20 minutes), the college application form is completed, and the second part is done with preliminary tests to assess your English. For people with poor English, sometimes only 10 minutes is enough for tests, while people with advanced English must prepare for 30-40 minutes.

After the Open Day, your tests will be returned to the office (usually in 1-3 working days) and checked to ensure that you are assigned to the correct skill level (E1, E2, E3, L1 or L2). You will then get a link to the electronic enrolment form to the college (the paper version was filled in by you on the Open Day). IMPORTANT! This electronic form MUST be completed, or you will NOT be assigned to the course! In this electronic form, you can also choose what days and times you want to attend classes.

Once you have done everything and are assigned to the group, any changes, be it days or the course level, are possible - you need to inform the course manager.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on our student helpline:
07939 959 541

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