Learning from home through videoconferencing ZOOM - ABC tutorial

We present you a simplified mini-guide on how to install and use the ZOOM applications for videoconferencing, which allows you to participate in online classes.

The ZOOM (client) program is available to everyone for free for iPhone, Android phones and PCs. The following simplified guide in 2-3 steps will allow you to very quickly install and join the session without the need to register and log in.

[1] The first step is to install the program. iPhone or Android owners should download and install the "ZOOM" application from the AppStore or PlayStore (photo below). Windows, Linux users or people who want to install it in browsers, please use the link: zoom.us/download.

[2] CONGRATULATIONS! That's it! Now all you have to do is (at the specified time) click on the link to the ZOOM session sent to you by SMS or email and the ZOOM application and video meeting will automatically open. You then need to enter your first name or first name and surname (in the place: name) and wait a moment for the teacher to join you in the meeting.

[3] What if something doesn't work? Sometimes the session is with a password so that the application will ask for a password. If clicking the link does not work automatically (very rarely), please open the ZOOM application yourself. The following screen will appear, whereas in the English version you should click "Join a Meeting". Please enter your name (where Jan Kowalski is in the example below), and then in the "Meeting ID" place enter the 10-digit code that you will receive via SMS or email (and password). We can click "Join Meeting" and ... we're in the virtual classroom!