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Puszcza Niepołomice Centenary - Great excitement in the match of the century

Text/Photos: Lukasz Samek
Date added
09 May 2023

On Easter Saturday, 8th April, a match took place as part of the Fortuna 1 Liga fixtures between the teams Puszcza Niepołomice and Wisła Kraków at the stadium on Kusocińskiego Street 2 in Niepołomice. The Niepołomice club is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and this match was chosen as the most important moment of the centenary celebrations. It was a major event for the residents of Niepołomice and the surrounding areas.

Interest in the match was huge, and long before the game, tickets had sold out. To mark the occasion, the parish priest of Niepołomice even rescheduled the Paschal Vigil to ensure good attendance both at the church and the stadium. Wisła approached the match after seven consecutive league victories, while the players from Niepołomice are known for their good performance on their home ground, making for a great football event. The Puszcza players wore specially designed retro kits, with white and blue colours reminiscent of the outfits from a hundred years ago. These jerseys can be purchased on the club's website, each with a unique number and limited to 100 pieces.

The match began with Wisła having a visual advantage, but it led to nothing. The first goal of the game came in the 24th minute, after a corner taken by Puszcza Niepołomice. Michał Koj reached the cross and headed it past Mikołaj Biegański. Just before half-time, Rok Kidrić increased Puszcza's lead to 2:0, confidently converting a penalty awarded for a foul on Tomasz Wojcinowicz. After the break, Wisła launched their attacks and scored a goal in the 51st minute, with Moltenis capitalising on a powerful cross into the penalty area. Wisła tried to equalise, while the hosts responded with dangerous counter-attacks. However, neither team managed to find the net before the end of the match, which finished with a 2:1 victory for Puszcza.

Looking at what's happening in the Fortuna 1 Liga fixtures, one thing is certain: it will be interesting right up to the final match of the competition.

It is worth mentioning that in 2019, the cities of Niepołomice and Darlington signed a mutual cooperation agreement.

After the match, they said:
Radosław Sobolewski (Wisła Kraków coach)
We are very upset with ourselves for losing this match. It's another game, and we can't take away from the team that they have been working fantastically up to now and everything was going our way. Today, unfortunately, various things didn't allow us to play our game and show our style. I would like to praise the boys for fighting to the end and for their willingness to stand up to the opposing team. I saw that they wanted to achieve a good result. Many times, certain things didn't work out because they couldn't. Just as I was happy with the boys after those victorious matches, we will now suffer a little for a couple of days after this defeat. However, from Monday, we are preparing for a very important match for us on Friday, and our full focus is on getting three points.

Tomasz Tułacz (Puszcza Niepołomice manager)
We are very pleased with this victory, as it comes at a great moment. In the match against Wisła Kraków during the centenary celebrations of our club. I think it's very important for many fans and officials, not just for the players and ourselves. Not only for those who are here now, but also for those who have worked in the club for so many years. There's immense joy today, and we're very happy about it. I think as for the match itself, we were rewarded for what we did on the pitch. We planned a certain tactic, and the players executed it. We made it as difficult as possible for the opponent to play one-on-one by getting close, doubling, tripling. We knew the opponent's strengths. Those individuals who decided Wisła's victories, I think they had a tough task. I'm thinking here of Fernandez, Mula, and I want to praise my boys. I am proud of them. They left a piece of their hearts and health. They agreed to do such hard work, which makes me very happy. And that brings results. Football is a discipline where, with consistent actions and a certain implementation of the ideas worked on in training, you can achieve the goal of winning a match. I think today we are very happy, and on Wednesday, there's another match. Once again, I would like to congratulate the players and wish you, the fans, officials, and people working in the club on behalf of myself and the team a healthy, peaceful, and above all, family Easter and a tasty Easter breakfast, because I think in our case it will be.

MKS Puszcza Niepołomice- Wisła Kraków 2:1 (2:0)

26th matchday, Fortuna 1 Liga 8 April 2023, 5:30 pm,
Municipal Stadium in Niepołomice.

1:0 – 24′ – 21. M. Koj
2:0 – 45+10′ – 45. R. Kidric (k)
2:1 – 51′ – 4. B. Moltenis
Yellow cards:
46′ – 14. J. Serafin
90+5′ – 1. K. Komar
90+5′ – 5. K. Stępień
90+5′ – 14. M. Żyro
90+6′ – 28. D. Junca
90+6′ – 70. W. Hajda

MKS Puszcza Niepołomice: 1. K. Komar, 3. R. Yakuba, 4. T. Wojcinowicz, 6. M. Pięczek (72′ 44. D. Frelek), 8. P. Mroziński (18′ 11. E. Thiakane), 9. R. Boguski (60′ 5. K. Stępień), 14. J. Serafin, 21. M. Koj, 25. K. Zapolnik (59′ 10. H. Tomalski), 45. R. Kidric (71′ 18. L. Klisiewicz), 70. W. Hajda   
Substitutes: 12. K. Wróblewski, 5. K. Stępień, 10. H. Tomalski, 11. E. Thiakane, 18. L. Klisiewicz, 19. J. Stec, 30. A. Kramarz, 44. D. Frelek, 97. A. Siemaszko
Manager: Tomasz Tułacz

Wisła Kraków: 31. M. Biegański, 3. Tachi, 4. B. Moltenis, 8. J. Igbekeme (86′ 14. M. Żyro), 9. A. Rodado, 10. L. Fernandez, 19. M. Villar (86′ 13. Z. Ondrasek), 25. B. Jaroch, 26. I. Łasicki ©, 28. D. Junca, 37. A. Mula (76′ 11. M. Młyński)
Substitutes: 33. D. Frątczak, 5. J. Colley, 11. M. Młyński, 13. Z. Ondrasek, 14. M. Żyro, 41. K. Duda, 43. D. Szot, 24. S. Benito, 53. W. Szywacz
Manager: Radosław Sobolewski

Attendance: 2000

Referee: Piotr Lasyk (Bytom)


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